Life & Work

M. G. R. Nasir Majumder, the emerging entrepreneur and visionary leader in Bangladesh is the founder of the Century Group, the rising industrial and business conglomerate in the country. He has been among the pioneers to recognize the prospect of the real estate in the country, its ability to contribute to Bangladesh’s economy and generate direct and indirect employment.

He has a strong leadership presence in the commercial arena at home and abroad. He works tirelessly to put the economical status of Bangladesh to a higher extent in the world atlas. The core theme of the Century Group is creating equal opportunity for all people including ethnic & minority groups & becoming a busines leader among its business fishbaits is a testimony to his commitment toward the nation.

It is only the vision and firmly spirit that changed the track of a business-graduate genius Pilot from avaiation to the realm of business. Clear aim, integrity, patience and relentless efforts were the key of his success despite many adversities, which has allowed him to become the image of a giant group of enterprises comprised of over 10 medium to big industrial and business companies. A welfare foundations established by Mr. Nasir has been working tirelessly for the betterment of the poor and under-privileged people of the country along with other different development tasks including voluntarily green plantation in the coastal area of the country. Married to a noble lady Mrs. Sharia Nasir, he is a proud father of two brilliant children who have been in a journey of school ring. However, in spite of achieving so much success and recognition in life, both at national and international levels, M G R Nasir Majumder remains humble, who prefers to lead a normal & simple life in the family atmosphere. He aims to reach the general mass and work for them to maintain the motto - creating equal opportunities for the people including ethnic & minority groups.